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Real Food Bar is a plant-based nutrition bar reimagining the way we eat protein bars. Each bar has balanced macronutrient ratios from organic real food ingredients you can feel good about eating.

Real Food Bars have 5 superfoods, slow release carbs, prebiotic fiber, low glycemic sugar, plant-based protein and no artificial sweeteners. We stripped away the bad stuff from energy bars and focus on just real food. 


In addition to the nutritional benefits of Real Food Bars, we’re committed to addressing food waste in our supply chain. We rescue imperfect veggies and convert them in to delicious powders that are found in every bar. We currently upcycle sweet potato, kale and cauliflower in each bar. By doing so, we are doing our part to reduce the staggering 3B tons of food that is wasted every year in North America, alone. 


Available in three tasty flavors: Cacao Sea Salt, Cherry Cashew, Espresso Chip and Peanut Butter.


Quick Facts
Founded in 2018
Based in Austin, TX
Media Kit

Press & Media Kit


Real Food Bars have been featured in Business Insider, Outside Magazine, Austin Fit Magazine, EatingWell, Austin Woman's Magazine, Well + Good, Food Business News, NOSH and the Up North Magazine. Real Food Bar is a proud recipient of the 2021 Neutrogena Women in Wellness Grant in partnership with IFundWomen. 


About Us: 


Real Food Bars provide sustained energy to achieve your mission. Real Food Bars focus on three key value propositions – plant-based protein that is high in bioavailability, prebiotic fiber for a healthy microbiome and immunity, and sustainable ingredients that are naturally better for the environment. They comply with virtually every diet, contain a moderately low level of net carbs to maintain blood sugar levels and are paleo friendly. What’s more, we are creating a circular food economy by upcycling kale, sweet potato and cauliflower to do our part in averting food waste. 
Real Food Bars have no artificial sugar or sugar alcohols.

Key Benefits- NON-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Plant-based, Upcycled


Mission & Values: 

An estimated 30-40% of the U.S. food supply is wasted annually, yet an estimated 10% of American households experience food and nutrition insecurity. On top of this, the prevalence of autoimmune conditions and type 2 diabetes is on the rise. We believe we can help people get more out of life with food that is rich in macronutrients from simple, real food ingredients that are suitable for a variety of diets and lifestyles. We believe the best medicine is preventative and starts with education so we partner with local nonprofits to distribute Real Food Bars to kids sports teams, food banks and other similar organizations. Because when you fuel your body with real food, you can do awesome things. 

Our mission is to equip people with real food snacks that are more than just a snack - they're better for you, better for the planet and help you get more out of life with premium nutrition. We're committed to nutrient-rich and plant-based ingredients through a sustainably sourced supply chain that directly tackles food waste.  To-date we upcycle imperfect cauliflower, kale, sweet potato and coffee and are looking for ways to upcycle more. By doing so, we are doing our part to encourage a circular food economy and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Real Food Bar is a certified woman-owned small business based in Austin, TX.  

Where to Buy: 

Check us out at or pick up a bar at local Austin Whole Foods locations. 



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