What are Real Food Bars? 

Real Food Bars provide sustained energy to achieve your mission. Real Food Bars focus on three key value propositions – plant-based protein that is high in bioavailability, prebiotic fiber for a healthy microbiome and immunity, and sustainable ingredients that are naturally better for the environment. They comply with virtually every diet, contain a moderately low level of net carbs to maintain blood sugar levels and are paleo friendly. What’s more, we are creating a circular food economy by upcycling kale, sweet potato and cauliflower to do our part in averting food waste. 
Real Food Bars have no artificial sugar or sugar alcohols. We are proud to be vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, paleo friendly and Non-GMO Project Verified. We're also a proud member of the Upcycled Food Association. 


What makes us different from other functional bars? 

Firstly, we're made of just REAL food. 


The vast majority of functional bars cater to one or a few attributes. They provide "energy" in the forms of high carb load, but lacking in other essential nutrients and result in a sugar crash or they are packed heavily with dense/chalky animal-based protein. While we don't think either a high carb or high protein bar is bad, we decided to take the middle road to create an ideally balanced bar for the everyday snacker. What do we mean by this? Well, if you are sitting in front of a desk with a moderate-to-low level of aerobic activity, you do not need a high carb load snack. However, if you are running out the door in the morning, you may need a balance of protein, fats and fiber to jumpstart your day. 


We like to think of our REAL food bars  as metabolic fuel to acheive your mission. 


The ugly truth is that many nutrition bars will cause blood glucose spikes. Maintaining a safe range of blood sugar levels is important to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. 


A well functioning mitochondrial density enables burning more fat for energy. However, when the body consumes high sugar/carb  products, it becomes less sensitive to insulin, triggering the body to store the carbs as fat rather than burning it as muscle. 


We scientifically tested Real Food Bars with a third-party analysis across 500 CGM users (CGM is a blood sugar monitoring device). Real Food Bars were found to have minimal-to-no impact on blood glucose. 


In addition to these benefits, Real Food Bars have prebiotic soluble fiber that is easy to digest and a full serving of veggies from peas, kale, sweet potato and cauliflower. The protein source has all essential amino acids, meaning that this plant-based protein blend will absorb in the body well based on the Digestible indispensibable amino acid score (DIAAS).


Are you ketogenic, vegan and paleo? 

Real Food Bars are low net carb at ~11-12g net carbs per bar. We do not market ourselves as a keto product, but they can be used as a low carb keto-compliant snack. We instead like to promote metabolic flexibility - meaning, the bodies natural mode of transitioning between fat and carb burn through a healthy diet with moderate exercise.
Real Food Bars are vegan and paleo friendly. We use the terminology “Paleo friendly” rather than “Paleo” for two reasons…


First, we use pea protein crisps made up of pea protein and rice starch. Our rice is gluten free and in small moderation. It is a grain that is not part of a strict paleo diet. 

Second, our bars contain a few ingredients, like sunflower lecithin, that were not consumed by our primal ancestors. Keep in mind, these ingredients are all nutrient-dense and derived from whole foods – cavemen simply lacked the technology to isolate and extract certain nutrients from, say, a sunflower seed.


Why use pea protein rather than other forms of protein? 

We use pea protein, rather than other forms, for four reasons…

Pea protein is a complete protein, meaning it has all nine of the essential amino acids you need to effectively build muscle. Pea protein is more digestion-friendly than alternatives like whey because it contains no lactose or glutens. In other words, no bloating! Pea protein is highly bioavailable, meaning it absorbs well in the body. Pea protein is vegan, and far “greener” (i.e., more environmentally friendly) than animal proteins.


What is tapioca fiber and is it low glycemic? 

Tapioca fiber is a prebiotic (i.e., gut-friendly) fiber known as a “resistant dextrin”. It is isolated by heating the tapioca root (also known as the cassava root) and extracting its fiber content. While the FDA has recently re-classified certain compounds formerly labeled “fiber” as non-fiber carbohydrates, it has remained firm in its classification of resistant dextrin as a 100% legitimate fiber.


Tapioca fiber is NOT to be confused with isomalto-oligosaccharide (usually referred to as IMO), which can also be derived from the tapioca root. IMO is not a resistant dextrin, but rather a fiber-like sweetener that the body almost completely breaks down into blood glucose. Here is a great study on the topic, where scientists compare Soluble Corn Fiber (which is virtually chemically identical to Tapioca Fiber) to IMO and find a vast difference in blood sugar and insulin response.


Are Real Food Bars gluten free? How about dairy free and soy free? 

Yes, they are! All Real Food Bars are gluten free, dairy free and soy free. They also contain Non-gmo and organic ingredients. All of our products are Non-GMO Project Verified. 


Real Food Bars are manufactured in a facility that processes TREE NUTS, PEANUTS, WHEAT, MILK and SOY. We maintain strict cleaning procedures of all equipment and do our best to remove any potential exposure of allergens, dairy and soy. 


How fast do orders ship? 

Ship time is approximately 3 business days for most of the continental U.S. Our bars ship from our warehouse in Dallas, Texas. Below is the estimated ship times by zone. Our cut off time is 12pm CST on weekdays. This time can vary slightly during peak times including holidays and weekends. 


What is your return policy? 

Sometimes mistakes happen. We back our products by a happiness guarantee. This means if you purchase sample pack (6-bar pack or less) and do not like it, we will refund you the cost of the product (less shipping) within 30 days. Our sample pack happiness guarantee is valid on first orders or one per customer. 


If there is a mistake made on your order (shipping damage, etc.), please send us an email at ideas @ and we will gladly send you a new shipment promptly. Due to the nature of the product and for the benefit of our customers as we uphold the highest standards for freshness and quality, we do not accept returns. 


What is the best way to store Real Food Bars? 

Real Food Bars are best stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature or less. Our chocolate chips will melt as exposed to heat. While storing in the refrigerator will preserve freshness, it will lose it's soft/chewy bite. The ideal temperature is 60-74F, give or take a few degrees.  The shelf life is 12 months from production. Typical shelf life for shipments is at least 6 months. 


How do I reach customer service? 

Email ideas @ or call 512-961-7129 and leave a voicemail. We promise we read every email and will respond back as soon as we can.