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Each bar is made from a combination of protein, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains based on USDA guidelines for healthy eating.


We believe that the best nutrients come from whole foods, that’s why our bars are made from our Real Food Base.

Real Food Bars contain 15 grams of protein. In every bar, we’ve packed wholesome ingredients like kale, dates, pea protein and whole grain gluten free oats. 

Unsatisfied with the loaded sugary granola bars out on the market, we created Real Food Bar, a real snack bar based around what should be loaded into a healthy meal. Learn more about our story

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Real Food Bar


Real Food Bars are made up of a complete nutrient profile to meet your daily health needs.



Real Food Bar






We believe real food leads to healthy lives


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What People Are Saying

  • Brian was working away this morning and feeling a little hungry after only a small bowl of cereal for breakfast. He craved something delicious, but healthy. But what could satisfy his hunger?! Lucky for him his friend Sean had given him a Real Food Bar! It tastes great and is an energizing snack!

    -Rachel & Brian

  • The bar is yummy! I like that is has the texture/consistency of cookie dough. The flavor is good and it doesn’t have the chalky/protein taste that some bars do. We ate them before climbing and Tim ate another after the gym. 🙂

    – Bethany & Tim

  • Wow!  Those bars are good. There’s certainly a different feel to this. With that level of protein, usually they are horrid tasting, but these bars taste great! I like the taste of the light kale, and the pea comes through nice.



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