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Real Food Bar - Diabetic Protein Bars

Natural Energy


Real Food Bar is filling - packing in nutrients for muscle recovery, antioxidants and soluble prebiotics that are slow digesting and easy on the stomach. This means you can consume pre- or post- workout or as a great start to the day. Backed by actual studies that show minimal-to-no glycemic impact, Real Food Bar is a healthy part of your everyday routine. 

Packed with Purpose


Did you know that 30% of all the food in the U.S. is wasted?

By using upcycled ingredients, we are doing our part to create a sustainable food system. By slow drying and locking in nutrition of imperfect produce, we  are bringing back the food that would otherwise be wasted with it's REAL micronutrients.

Upcycled ingredients
Diabetic Protein Bars

Rooted in Nature


Bars should taste good, fill you up, be good for you and the planet. For us, It begins in the kitchen when we ethically source quality organic ingredients that are backed by science and rooted in nature.


Some like it chewy, some like it crunchy, but we like it both (maybe that means we are a little nutty?).


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Vegan Protein Bars

Help us fuel a sustainable food system with REAL food bar.

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