All Essential Food Groups in a Bite-Sized Bar

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All Essential Food Groups in a Bite-Sized Bar


Protein, The Building Block of Life

15g of Pea Protein.



All Essential Food Groups

Packed with complex carbohydrates.


Always Gluten Free

Gluten free, soy free, dairy free, vegetarian and paleo friendly.



No Fake Stuff, We Promise

Simply honest food with just 9 minimal ingredients.

Introducing Vanilla Cashew

Lightly sweetened with vanilla and creamy cashew butter for tasty snackin’

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Real Food Bars are made up of a complete nutrient profile to meet your daily health needs.

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More Than Just a Snack

A helping hand

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Honestly Healthy Stories

Just Real People using Real Food Bar to Meet their Daily Needs.

rachelandbrian hike

Rachel & Brian

Finding the Needed Energy to Meet an Active Lifestyle

Rubi Shenandoah


On the Road & Not Sacrificing Quality

Todd Spartan Race


Packing the Best Bars in the Army

Catherine Rock Climbing


Living with Food Intolerances

Real Food for Real People.


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Proudly crafted in Detroit, MI

gluten free

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