Our Story

Real Food Bar Founders-Anna and Sean Sullivan
We designed Real Food Bars as an alternative to the unhealthy granola bars out there.

As a couple, we try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately in our busy schedules, nutrition is often pushed to the wayside.

With our on-the-go lifestyle, we frequently don’t have time to make a meal. 

Sounds familiar? So we either skip a meal (not good) or grab a granola bar which is always high in sugar and lacking essential nutrients. After checking out every meal bar or granola bar we could find, we realized we had to do something – so we grabbed our food processor and got to work. 

We began mixing our own granola bars with all of the nutritious ingredients we wanted packed into a bite size snack right in our own kitchen like kale, almonds, coconut oil, quinoa and pea protein. 

We recognized that we, (and a lot of other people) have food intolerances.

Whey protein just didn’t sit right with Sean. Gluten – yeah, no way. Oh and ever heard of an autoimmune disease? Anna’s got that. So we decided to be really intentional about the ingredients we put in the bars. 

Why can’t we find a nutrition bar that’s actually real food and actually satisfying?

It took several months of work (and a broken food processor) to create the right ingredient combination that was both healthy, delicious and satisfying. Since those things don’t always go hand-in-hand, we spent almost two years in product development. 

We wanted to create something that inspires people to enjoy an active lifestyle as much as we do.

Each bar is named after a location we have hiked during one of our many adventures and the background photo on each package was taken by one of us while on that trip. Whether you’re a parent, a solo traveler, a gym rat or just trying to stay healthy, we hope you enjoy the ability to eat well no matter how busy your lifestyle.

Want the skinny on what we put in our bars? Learn more about our Real Food Base or learn more about our mission as a business.

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