Real Food Bars are in Production!


Hey Friends!

Thanks for following along as we gear up to launch our first product and brand, Real Food Bars! We are psyched to deliver to the world the first and only real food snack bar modeled around a complete nutrient profile! We’ve spent countless hours in the kitchen testing out these deliciously nutritious bars and several wakeless nights going back and forth on the production process. We are excited to say that our first production is under way!

Here’s a picture in our manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California:

Here’s our bars in the early stages of development (i.e. our kitchen!)


RIP, our trusty food processor. Oh you bestowed upon us the most yummiest food bars on the planet.


 Do you see the delicious chunks of almonds and that green stuff? The green stuff is REAL kale! 

And here’s a mock-up of our packaging. Get Excited!


We’ll keep you all posted when you can officially buy our products very soon. In the meantime, feel free to learn more about our story and ingredients at:

Got an idea for a new flavor or how we can tweak our recipe? Send your ideas at: