Real Food Base



More Than Just a Snack

Complete Nutrition

Real Food Bars contain all essential food groups, packed full of vitamins and minerals.

High Protein

Each bar contains 15g of high-quality, plant-based protein, with a complete amino acid profile.

Gut Friendly Fiber

Made with 9-10g of soluble fiber, keeping you full and your digestive system healthy.

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Good for the environment and good for you. Vegetarian and only lightly sweetened with organic clover honey, which is rich in antioxidants and low glycemic.

Slow Release Carbs

Filled with low-GI, slow-release carbs to give you sustained energy to power through your day.

Lunchtime Standby

Less chopping, washing and cooking. Real food at your fingertips for less than the cost of a meal. Moms love the hidden veggies, kids love the taste! Monthly subscriptions options to save 10% plus free shipping. 

Say Goodbye to Hangry

Filled with pea protein, a slow-digesting protein that will keep you full longer to combat cravings. 

Eat a bar for breakfast, pack them in lunches or keep a stash on hand while on-the-go. 


Each bar combines an optimized macronutrient profile to maintain a healthy lifestyle on-the-go. Healthy fats from coconut oil and nuts, complex carbs for fuel from low glycemic organic honey and plant-based protein that digests slowly to keep you full longer. 

Not sure where to start? Try a variety pack 

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We’re obsessed with real food

Each bar has all essential food groups from plant-based nutrition. Our Real Food Base in every bar is kale, whole grain quinoa, dates, and pea protein.

The honest truth

Only 10g of sugar from organic clover honey and dates. No sugar alcohol, no fake sweeteners, no gluten, no dairy, no soy. No highly processed ingredients. 

We let our ingredients do the talking

Click here to view the nutrition facts of each flavor.

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