Superfood + Prebiotic Bars

with Kale & Quinoa


Plant-Based Protein

Pea protein supports satiety and muscle repair while being a slow-digesting source which means less hangry and less cravings later. It also has a lower environmental footprint compared to soy and animal-based proteins.

Prebiotic Fiber

It all starts in the gut that’s why we are a protein AND fiber bar. Combining protein and fiber, not only keeping digestion regular but also supporting weight loss by making you feel full longer in fewer calories without having to go on a special diet.

Nothing Artificial. Ever.

We want the real stuff and know you do too. We don’t use any sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. Real Food Bars are sweetened with organic clover honey in only 10g to keep your taste buds satisfied and your blood sugar levels low.
Real Food Bar


2 Cherry Cashew, 2 Peanut Butter, 2 Cacao Sea Salt

Real Food Bar


4 Cherry Cashew, 4 Peanut Butter, 4 Cacao Sea Salt

Real Food Bar


Bits of cherries and creamy cashew butter$34.99 

Real Food Bar


A PB lovers dream – smooth peanut butter with a light peanut crunch$34.99 

Real Food Bar


Like a salty-sweet brownie that leaves you wanting more. $34.99 

Our Story


Our Story

Plant-Based & Clean Ingredients

15g of plant-based protein, 9-11g of gut friendly fiber and complex carbs. 

Most bars are chock full of added sugar, sugar alcohols and artificial flavors. We say “no thank you.” Real Food Bar is made from our real food base of kale, nut butters, plant protein, quinoa and fruit. 

Real Food Bars are good for you and good for the environment. 

real food bar_ingredients

Hail to the Kale

Every bar has  a pinch of  organic freeze dried kale, because we all need to eat our veggies. ?

An excellent source of Vitamin A, C, K, iron and calcium.


We’re outdoor enthusiasts first, snack foodies second (New Girl fans third but that’s less important). 

I’m Anna, the co-founder of Real Food Bar. We started Real Food Bar to help us in our busy lifestyle from long hours in the office to trying to squeeze in time to workout and see friends. Since then, I left my desk job and started pursuing Real Food Bar full time with a passion to help other people enjoy clean and sustainably sourced foods. I truly believe real food that is close to the source is always better than any fad diet (#justrealfood).

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