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Real Food Bar is a plant-based nutrition bar reimagining the way we eat protein bars. Each bar has balanced macronutrient ratios from organic real food ingredients you can feel good about eating.

Real Food Bars have 5 superfoods, slow release carbs, prebiotic fiber, low glycemic sugar, plant-based protein and no artificial sweeteners. We stripped away the bad stuff from energy bars and focus on just real food. 

In addition to the nutritional benefits of Real Food Bars, we’re committed to addressing food waste in our supply chain. We rescue imperfect veggies and convert them in to delicious powders that are found in every bar. We currently upcycle sweet potato, kale and cauliflower in each bar. By doing so, we are doing our part to reduce the staggering 3B tons of food that is wasted every year in North America, alone. 

Available in three tasty flavors: Cacao Sea Salt, Cherry Cashew and Peanut Butter.

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