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Food Startup Seeking Another Lasting Relationship with Right Brained, Super Fun, Word Wizard, that Executes High Minded Strategy at Bonaparte Level Efficiency.

Fast-growing CPG food startup is looking for an undiscovered marketing  & creative genius. You wave your hands and the masses descend wherever you want.  Big budget? No budget? Green budget? Faux budget? You don’t mind. You’re a scrappy, resourceful hype-person that can’t help but get your audience excited about whatever’s on your mind.  Your words, your pictures, your posture, and the music of your step move people.

As always, we’re not seeking to fill a position. We’re looking for the right people.

Roles (you’ll wear ALL these hats #startuplife):

•  Marketing Strategy

•  Original Media creation

•  Social Media Hacking

•  #Influencer relationships

•  Creative Directing

•  Branding

•  Photography

•  Tradeshow Warrior

•  Brand Poetry/ Copywriting

You may not have food biz experience – that’s OKAY. But we need to see that you can a) rock our world and b) help us build the next world changing food brand.

The more boxes you check, the more interested we’ll be:

Marketing Essentials:

✓ Product Marketing

✓ Campaign development

✓ Strong data analysis

✓ Facebook/Instagram Analytics

✓ Email marketing

Creative Essentials:

✓  Adobe Creative Suite – Advanced

✓  Compelling Communicator skills

✓  Photography – iPhone or Canon

✓  You’ve been accused of being a poet and you may have already known it

Culture Essentials:

✓  You have strong opinions about quality food

✓  You have 1 food related show you adore

✓  HIGH energy

✓  Organized & conscientious

✓  Self-motivated, self-directed, focused

✓  Eager to learn, good listener, asks perceptive questions

✓  Spending time with family and close friends is a big priority for you


This is a full-time or part-time (depending on need) paid position for a high-energy, dedicated, bright, pleasant, ultra-competent person. Apply via email: ideas at realfoodbar dot com.

Item 1: You will email us at the address above. Let’s just call the text of your email your cover letter, okay? Make that interesting. We get lots of emails, and most are stale and boring. Yours? Not so much.

Item 2: Please send us something that resembles a resume, so that we can have a sense of where you’ve been all our lives.

Item 3: Tell us about a product you shared with the world – Story+Strategy+Imagery

Item 4: Please provide at least three GLOWING references from past employers or managers (who are not related to you). If you cannot think of three people who will rave about how you are the greatest thing since kale chips, then you’re probably not a good fit.

This position is remote but requires in person occasional meetings and brand events. 

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