Real Food Bars Launch Into Austin, TX Whole Foods!

Real Food Bars Launch Into Austin, TX Whole Foods!

Published by Anna Sullivan on May 19th 2021

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Upcycled Snacks Never Tasted So Good

An Austin, TX Plant-Based Protein Bar Rescues Surplus Produce

AUSTIN – Austin-based snack startup Real Food Bar – a mission-driven brand, has announced the debut of its innovative, upcycled food bars in select Whole Foods throughout Central Texas. Real Food Bar, an Austin, TX-based snack brand, rescues nutritious vegetables from surplus produce and upcycles them into delicious plant-based protein bars. Upcycled food empowers the everyday shopper to reimagine food waste.

Food waste in our supply chain is staggering; over $300B and more than 3B tons each year in North America alone. Couple this with growing food insecurity, kids attending school hungry, and the enormous environmental burden decaying food causes our landfills, food waste becomes a significant problem but also an upcycling opportunity.

This move comes as ‘Upcycled Food’ continues to top 2021 food trend lists including those released by Kroger, the Food Network, and Whole Foods,

Anna and Sean Sullivan, the makers behind Real Food Bars are based in Austin, TX. Vegetable-packed cookies and desserts of her mother and grandmother inspired Anna to include vegetable powders in the bars. Growing up in a family of 7 with a 100-year farming tradition, Anna was inspired to create tasty snacks that not only go further, but also taste good. An ethos of frugality, quality nutrition, and taste are worked into each bar. A healthy, innovative, and sustainable food bar make snacking feel virtuous — “All taste, no waste.”

Real Food Bar is not your average protein bar. The simple spirit of real food ingredients that allow you to go further on less is built into every aspect of the product from the supply chain tracing of the high-quality ingredients to the environmental impact of those foods. Not only that, but the brand’s updated branding represents a line of bars that are bursting with flavor including Cherry Cashew, Chocolate Sea Salt, Peanut Butter and soon to-be Espresso Chip.

Compared to the competition, Real Food Bars have half the natural sugar as the leading nutrition bar in the U.S., twice the fiber, and half of the net carbs. The founders are meticulous about the science of each recipe while using natural and sustainable ingredients.

Real Food Bar partnered with a supplier utilizing machine learning to divert edible surplus produce into whole plant powders, a unique technology that locks in the highest nutritional value from air drying.

The wholesome food bars are a great stand-in for breakfast, an on-the-go snack or pre-workout fuel. Learn more at, or check out the entire product line yourself via Whole Foods (Austin), Amazon,, BUBBLE and more! They also have subscription options directly from their storefront at: Real Food Bar can be found on social media @RealFoodBar. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or hashtag #RealFoodBar.