5 Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday Travel Season

Its the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, it is also the busiest time of the year. Like most of us, you may be traveling by plane, train or automobile long distances this season to be with loved ones and there’s nothing worse than that point in the trip when han-gry seriously sets in. Not to worry – we’ve got you covered with our top holiday travel tips to keep you on track during your travels from airports to arrivals.

Hydration is Key

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It’s easy to get caught up and forget to take in enough H2O while traveling. Remember, most adult women need 11 cups of fluid per day, while most men require 15 cups. Buying overpriced water in the airport can be a drag, but packing a water bottle can take up precious space in your carry-on. One option is to try a carabiner to attach you water bottle to a backpack or suitcase. A collapsible water bottle is also a great solution and will greatly reduce your environmental footprint. Theses stylish water bottles are a great option.

Snack Smart

While you’re saving space for eggnog and endless holiday cookie exchanges, you can keep those food cravings at bay and balance out the sugar with healthy snack options while traveling.

Great go-to options for long road trips include:

  • Apples
  • Veggie snack packs like carrots or snap peas and hummus
  • Jerky
  • Dried fruit
  • Trail mix

A lot of the above options can be tough to pack ahead or bring with you in a suitcase while traveling since they are fresh food items.

That’s where Real Food Bars come in handy. Not only do they pack in your veggies (from kale and peas), but they have protein as well to keep the hangry at bay. Portable and convenient for long roadtrips or traveling across the world, they pack a powerful nutritional punch. The high quality pea protein keeps you fuller longer when you need it.

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Make time for a workout

Don’t think there’s time for a workout while traveling? Check out services like ClassPass which allow you to book classes across the country or go for a quick 20-minute workout routine through YouTube fitness routines that don’t require any equipment like PopSugar.

Prepare your entertainment

Whether it be loading books on your kindle or downloading movies and games for the kiddos on iPads or other devices, this is a crucial step to do ahead of time! You will thank us later. If podcasts or playlists are your jam, be sure to download them ahead of time – nothing worse than realizing you have a limited bandwidth in an airport and can’t play your favorite music or podcasts offline.

Preparing a roadtrip caddy for kids is also a great idea to keep them busy and active on long car rides. Want to DIY it, the craft possibilities are endless but be sure to include items that are small enough for the car.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with a stranger! Devices are no substitute for genuine human connection.

Stay Organized & Save Space

Little gadgets like packing cubes, travel size toiletries and cord tacos (they’ll literally a clip to keep your headphones from getting tangled) will not only keep you from getting embarrassed if TSA has to search your luggage, but also keep your sanity during an otherwise stressful season.

Finally, inspect your luggage before you go. This step is more important than you might think. Is your handle on your suitcase sticking? Do your wheels work well? Are you going someplace where you may have to ascend flights of stairs or walk through busy cobbled sidewalks where a suitcase might not be ideal? Often overlooked, these are incredibly important to help you survive the busy travel season.

I hope everyone traveling this holiday season stays safe, healthy and of course well-fed!